Diggity Diggity Dog

Guy and Bella

It was a surprise when Guy decided to get a dog. Josie and Guy drove to western Washington to pick her up at ten weeks. They named her Bella, a miniature schnauzer, who now stands strong at ten and half pounds and is an absolute bundle of joy and serotonin booster. She has a wonderful personality and every morning after they both had breakfast, we would hear Guy excitedly say “diggity diggity dog”.

Slough Creek

Fly fishing, hiking, horses and grizzlies

Slough Creek, Montana – September 1998

It took several days to organize and travel into Slough Creek Montana. We had four horses to manage; two to pack in our gear and another two to ride between the five of us, to get to our destination.

As we alternated between riding and hiking, we traveled through some incredible scenery. Crossing some of the deeper creeks had Guy and my mother (Josie) a bit excited. I was certain that Guy would rather be fly fishing the creek than riding 17 hands across it.

We managed to stay out of the way of the grizzlies that were reported in a hunting camp downstream of our area and were even graced with aurora borealis in the night sky that left us breathless.

It was an amazing adventure every step of the way. The fish were biting, grasshoppers were flying and Guy was exhilarated catching big trout.

Coffee Perfection

Guy and I only knew each other for a short period of seven years.  Every morning when visiting either our house or theirs, we always started the day with a great cup of coffee.  While visiting with Guy’s sons we reminisced about the exact way he like to make his coffee.

French Press

The first few years, we both were making French roast coffee in the French press. Coffee or hot water could not touch plastic and after taking the beans out, we always vacuum sealed the beans to save the oils.


Around the same time but independently, we both switched to the pour-over method. Guy had this formula of 1/4 cup of Starbucks (French Roast) + 3 beans.  I don’t know if he had weighted it or how exactly that amount was reached.