Wood River Orchid Rescue Mission

Orchid’s are some of the most beautiful flowers in the world and what happens to orchids after the bloom dies? Most people are given orchids as gifts or purchase them to brighten up a room. After the bloom dies, for many, it is difficult to get the orchid plant to bloom again and the stores that sell them usually write them off and can’t sell them without the blooms.

Guy saw this as a real issue and reached out to local nurseries and grocery stores to rescue the orchids. He started Wood River Orchid Rescue Mission (WORM) and had business cards made up. He approached local bussnesses and after bringing the plants home and reviving the plants, he would work his love and magic and then return the flowers in full bloom to the original owners. Guy started to get a reputation in the Wood River Valley as the orchid rescuer and before he knew it, he was getting residential and commercial calls from all over the valley to save their orchids.

Guy never took payment and always returned the flowers when they were in full bloom again. He was a master of getting them to bloom several times throughout the year and for months at a time. I always think of Guy when I see beautiful orchids.